AMF McRay - 7/14/19


Our event this weekend was at AMF McRay lanes and we had a HUGE turn out! In 3 squads we had 124 entries (51 parlay & 73 qualifying), 29 cashers, a 1 in 4.2 cash ratio and paid out over $5,000.00 in main and side event prize fund!  The players bowled on a 44ft London oil pattern that for the most part was pretty low scoring. There were a handful of players that really seemed to match up and bowl well on the longer oil pattern. The average cut scores were all around the +30 to +40 range which meant most players had to be close to their average or a few pins above it each game.

We want to welcome some of the new bowlers that joined us for this event. Harley Sweigart, James Fitting, Leslie Sand, Morgan Lewis, Sonia Chonoplis, and Ryan Joyce all bowled in their first SFT AHT event this weekend! Thanks to all of you for coming out and checking the events out! We hope you all had a good time at your first event! We also want to congratulate Willy Vuong, James Roethle, and Clay Fritz on being the parlay power players advancing to the quarter finals from the economy parlay side event!

The quarter finals were very similar scoring pace to the rest of the day where bowling your average was a good set! We had an exciting finish with the A division needing a 9th and 10th frame roll off to determine the final semi-finalist moving on. It was between Clay Fritz and Ron Gonzales who tied at +41. The higher seed between the two was Clay. That was based on their qualifying scores to make it to the quarter finals. Clay had Ron start the match so he could finish first. Ron marked in the 9th and Clay got up to start his 2 frames. His first shot was leaked to the right, and the pattern played long, so he left a 2-4-10 split that he wasn’t able to convert. He now needed to double to put the pressure back on Ron. His first shot was great and struck. His second one was also pretty good and could of struck, but a messenger missed the 10 pin, which meant Ron only needed a mark to win, which he was able to do.

This meant the semi finalists were Coreen Liber vs Ron Gonzales in the A division finals, Brian Richardson vs Derek Hamm in the B division finals and Willy Vuong and Ron Riley in the C division finals. The B and C division final matches weren’t too close with Brian and Willy pulling away pretty early and never looking back. The A division final match was a different story going all the way to the 10th frame. Correen finished the match first and didn’t throw the best shot in the 10th, but didn’t split and was able to convert the spare. She then only needed 9 pins to win on the fill and another errand shot to the left, went through the nose and got 7, which meant Ron had a chance to double and get 9 to win. Ron’s first shot was a bit outside and that wasn’t the place you wanted to miss on the 44ft London oil pattern. Correen would move on to the final match with a scratch score of 174!

The final match was very back and forth with all of the players having a chance to win going into the final few frames. However, Brian and Willy both didn’t do much striking in the 8th and 9th and a big double from Correen in the 8th and 9th put her in position to take the win. She was able to mark in the 10th to close it out. However, 2nd play wasn’t determined yet. Willy who finished last, could have gotten the first strike to take 2nd, but wasn’t able to keep the ball online, which allowed Brain to take 2nd and Willy 3rd.

Thanks to everyone for the great turnout and support today! Our next event is at Brunswick Via Linda lanes next Sunday the 21st! See you all there!