AMF McRay - 6/9/2019


The event today was at AMF McRay, we had 71 total entries with 41 qualifying and 30 economy parlay entries. The players bowled on the 38ft Winding Road oil pattern that yeilded medium to higher scores. The cut scores varied but averaged around +50 for the event, which meant it took bowlers bowling 10 pins over their average a game to make the cut. 

We want to welcome Harold Smith and Geoff Garrow to the SFT AHT family! Thanks to you guys for coming out and trying out the event, we hope you had a good time in your first event! 

The quarter finals were very low scoring, with one of the divisions taking minus to be the division champion! We had Bob Gazis coming out of the A division with +33, Kevin Dollar -3 in the C division and Dan Marks at +14. Which means the average leader actually bowled under their average to win their division. 

The final match showed the difference in experience between the players with Dan and Kevin not getting off to the best start and being the only players that had never bowled in a final match before. Maybe it was due to nerves, but no one knows. Bob was able to stay clean and throw a few strikes to get in the lead and was able to maintain the lead the entire match to take home the title. 

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the event this weekend and we look forwad to seeing you at the next one at Brunswick Desert Sky, next Saturday, June 15th!

***Sorry there were issues with the FB live broadcast, so there is no video for this event.***