AMF McRay - 5/5/19


Our event this weekend was at AMF McRay.  Since it was Cinco de Mayo, we were happy to have a decent turnout and we appreciate everyone who decided to come out and bowl with us. We had 100 total entries with 63 qualifying entries and 37 economy parlay entries! The event had a total of 29 cashers, a 1 in 3.45 cash ratio and paid out over $4,700 in main and side event prize funds. The event was bowled on the 41ft Turnpike oil pattern which had low scoring for all three squads. The average cut score for the event was around +30 which meant bowlers only had to bowl 5-10 pins over average per game. The pattern's medium length allowed bowlers to play it from all angles and have a good amount of success.

We want to welcome Taylor O’Malley and Mike Farmer to the Strikeforce Tour Family and hope that we see you again at future events.  We also want to congratulate Brian Allen on being this weekend's only parlay power player! He was able to take his initial $25 investment and turn it into a spot in the quarterfinals.  We also want to congratulate Ross Lyons, Brian Allen, John Fitzgerald, Larry Fairfield, Ron Riley, Lena Riley, Taylor O’Malley and Willy Vuong on advancing to their first quarterfinals or their first quarterfinals after short hiatus! Also, congrats to the winner of the free plastic ball, with an option to upgrade to any high-performance Track bowling ball for $85.00, Steve Convirs!

The quarterfinals were bowled on the fresh 41ft Turnpike oil pattern and it was low scoring like they had been all day.  In the A Division there was a tie between Dylan Taylor and Sean Ashley who both finished at -20.  They would have to face off with each other to see who would move on to the Finals.  The B Division would also see Ross Lyons (+57) taking on Travis Brown (+39).  The C Division would see #1 seed Taylor O’Malley have to wait and see who she’d be facing in her semi-final match.

John Fitzgerald and Ron Riley both finished tied for the #2 seed at +20.  With this tie, John and Ron would have a 9th/10th frame roll-off to determine who would advance to face Taylor O’Malley in the semi-final match.  Ron would be up first to bowl and would strike to kick off his ninth frame.  John would start his ninth frame with an open, failing to pick up his spare.  Then in his tenth frame John would split, leaving the 3-7 and would be unable to convert the spare.  Ron would go on to open in the tenth frame as well, but his strike in the ninth frame was able to get him into the semi-final match winning the roll-off 33.45 to 18.5.

The semi-finals would see Travis Brown get hot and get past Ross Lyons, 183 to 165.  The A and C Division semi-finals would all come down to the tenth and final frame.  In the A Division it was a battle back and forth between Dylan Taylor and Sean Ashley.  Sean would receive 15 pins of handicap while Dylan would receive no pins of handicap.  Dylan was able to stay clean for most of the match, but Sean was able to double in the eighth and ninth frames to set himself up for the tenth.  In the tenth frame Sean was able to get good count and strike on his fill ball.  This would force Dylan to strike out in the tenth to win by one pin.  Dylan’s first ball went a bit long leaving him with an eight count and giving Sean the win, 206 to 182.    In the C Division, both newcomers Taylor O’Malley and Ron Riley, would have their match come down the tenth frame.  Ron would finish first picking up a much-needed spare to put pressure on Taylor.  Taylor would need to mark in the tenth to get herself into the Final match, but her ball would go through the nose leaving an ugly 3-4-7 split.  Ron would win the match 203 to 195.

The Final match would see veteran Sean Ashley looking for his 3rd SFT AHT title, while Travis Brown and Ron Riley would be looking at getting their first title.  Travis and Sean have both been in a title match earlier in the season with Sean coming out the victor, so it would be interesting to see how the match would play out.  Also, Ron Riley was coming into the Final match on a bit of a hot streak, as he had to get past John Fitzgerald in the ninth/tenth frame roll-off, then had to defeat Taylor O’Malley in a very close semi-final match.

The Final match would get started with a big strike from Sean Ashley but would Greek Church (4-6-7-9-10) in his second frame.  Travis would be up next but was unable to get himself lined up as he opened in his first three frames.  Ron Riley would keep his nerves in check and spare in his first three frames to take an initial lead.  Ron would keep sparing until the eighth frame, but by then he had already built up a huge lead by making his spares and staying clean for most of the match.  Travis and Sean would both get lined up, but by this time it would be too little too late.

So, it would all come down the final frame.  Sean would finish the match at 184 and Travis would need to strike on his first ball in the tenth to catch him.  Travis’ ball would come up a bit light and he would finish at 179 and 3rd place.  Ron would finish his tenth frame with a score of 203, giving him his first ever AHT SFT title and $450.00!!  Since Ron wasn’t in the progressive pot, then the money that would have gone to first place is redistributed to all the bowlers that made the quarterfinals who were in the progressive pot.  Congrats to Sean Ashley on taking 2nd place and Travis Brown on finishing in 3rd place.  This is second tournament in a row that the winner has not been in the progressive pot, but I’m sure that everyone that made the quarterfinals were a bit happier with the extra money in their checks.

We would like to thank everyone for coming out and spending their Cinco de Mayo with us.  We are going to take next weekend off for Mother’s Day and we will see you all in two weeks at AMF Chandler!