AMF McRay - 01/07/18


Our event this weekend was at AMF McRay and had another good turnout.  We had 97 total entries (63 qualifying & 34 economy parlay) for 3 squads, 26 prize winners and a 1 in 3.6 cash ratio. The players bowled on the 43ft Dean Man’s Curve oil pattern that was a very difficult pattern to play. Players had trouble playing on the outside of the lane and there wasn’t a lot of margin of error when playing inside.  Pair to pair were big differences, but once the oil pattern started to break down in the 3rd squad, then scores went through the roof.  Congrats to Bob Hansen for shooting 300  and also to Sean Ashley for a nice 299 games!

We want to welcome Andre Sandoval, Jason Lowery and Herb Grassl to the SFT AHT family! We hope you guys all had a good time in your first SFT AHT event.  Congrats to Eric Flick and Marcus Boner on being this weekend’s parlay power players! Marcus took it the furthest turning his $25 into a $270 3rd place finish!

The quarter finals were on fresh conditions and it the scores were pretty low, but those that made it to the next round were able to figure out the pattern and score well.  The A division had #1 seed Sean Ashley taking on #2 seed Bob Hansen, B division was #1 seed Armando Viramontes taking on Mike Umstead, and C division #1 seed Marcus Boner vs #2 seed Josh Black. The A division match started off rocky with both players not bowling very well, but Sean eventually figured it out and made some shots at the end to string some strikes and defeat Bob Hansen.  B division had a back and forth, but Mike was able to get around Armando to move on to the next round. The C division Marcus Boner, who had been bowling good all day, was able to stay hot and defeat Josh.

The final match was very back and forth with all of the players being in the mix for the majority of the game. However, Mike was able to put together a 4 bagger to take the lead.  Sean was able to string a few strikes to keep pressure on Mike, but an open in the 10th gave Mike the lead.  Marcus was able to put together a late rally, but needed all strikes in the tenth to squeak out the win.  He was able to strike in his first shot, but went a bit long on his 2nd shot and that left him in 3rd place by 3 pins giving Mike Umstead his 1st SFT AHT tile and $700.00.  Congrats to Sean Ashley for his back to back 2nd place finish, in a row, and also to Marcus Boner to 3rd place. Congrats guys!

Thanks to everyone that came out! We look forward to seeing you all at our event next weekend at Brunswick Desert Sky on February 10th!  Good luck to all the bowlers heading to Las Vegas for the True Amatuer Tournament.