AMF Deer Valley Results - 1/11/15

This weekend’s event at AMF Deer Valley was our very first Minor ever. We were excited to add this new format to our schedule in 2015 to create a lot more tournaments for the club members to bowl. The minors are one day events with only 3 squads that still have great payouts and all of the same features and formats that you have come to love! For our first ever one day event, it was a huge success! We had 73 total entries with 47 qualifying entries and 26 economy parlay entries. While we guaranteed 1st - $600, 2nd - $300 and 3rd - $200 regardless of entries, we still encouraged a strong turnout for the potential of an increased payout from the advertised guarantees.  Sure enough, the turnout was fantastic and we were able to increase the payouts for 2nd and 3rd $100 each! After one minor event we are excited about having more of these events coming up, including next Sunday, January 18th at Glenfair Lanes!

 As always we like to welcome some of the new bowlers that came out to their very first tournament this weekend. This weekend only had one new bowler, Megan Carlson, but it is still exciting to have our streak alive of having a new bowler at every single event! The streak has been going now for over 2 years! We hope Megan enjoyed her first event with us and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

We also want to congratulate those that made their first ever quarter finals this weekend. Jason Ayers, Jon Pletcher, and Don Rioux all made their first ever quarter finals this weekend. The other exciting element about the minor events is it helps those people that can’t afford to bowl as many squads. With the reduced number of squads, the ability to re-enter over and over again until you can “find a line” is reduced and it opens up the ability for more fresh faces to make it to the quarter finals and have success at our events. Also congrats to Dylan Taylor on showing the power of the parlay this weekend, and turning his $25 economy parlay entry fee all the way into a top 3 finish.
The semi-finalist were #1 seed Dylan Taylor and #2 seed Joe Mascio in the A division, #1 seed Jeff Brackett and #2 seed Ron Gonzales in the B division, and #1 seed Steven Acuff and #2 seed Robin Unfricht. The A division match up was a rematch from Via Linda then a month ago, where Dylan defeated Joe and went on to win his only title in 2014. Dylan defeated Joe yet again, but in a much closer match. The B division match between Ron and Jeff went back and forth the entire match and came down to the 10th frame, but Jeff was able to hold it out and defeat Ron by 4 pins. The C division final match had Steven Acuff extending his dominance as he had all day and defeated Robin Unfricht by a decent margin.
This meant our finalist in our very first Minor were #3 seed Jeff Brackett, #2 seed Dylan Taylor and #1 seed Jeff Brackett. Jeff and Dylan came out of the gates firing with plenty of strikes and no opens. Jeff spared a couple more times, but he was being spot 21 by Dylan so he could afford to spare a couple more times. Steven started off slow with a few opens but started striking again from the middle of the game on and kept the other two guys honest. Unfortunately for Steven, they never let up. Jeff finished first and stuck in the 9th and first shot in the 10th to finish with a very nice 235 scratch and 277 with handicap. Dylan had his destiny in his own hands. He could throw the first strike and win his 2nd title in 2 months. His shot was a little to the right and he left a 2 pin, which gave Jeff the win, his 2nd title, and the very first SFT AHT minor championship! Not to mention the $600 first place prize as well!
We want to thank everyone again for making this first minor event such a success. We look forward to seeing you all at our next minor event, next Sunday on January 18th at Glenfair lanes! See you all there!
Final Match: 

SFT AHT Minor - AMF Deer Valley