AMF Deer Valley - 9/18/16


This weekends event was a bit different than usual, as we started at 3pm instead of the usual 10am. The event had a pretty small turn out with 42 total entries (28 qualifying and 14 economy parlay), had 14 cashers and a 1 in 3 cash ratio. The players bowled on a 35ft Cheetah oil pattern that was much tougher then usual. The middle of the lane hooked a good amount like it normally does on Cheetah. However, the gutter, sometimes hooked like players expected and other times, did not. It definitely looked like most of the players who could play straighter around the first arrow did the best.

Regardless of the number of entries we always get new bowlers who come out to give the event a try. I’d like to welcome Bart Mullen and Francisco Martinez to the SFT AHT family. Neither of them had success, but we appreciate them coming out to give the event a try. Also, congrats to Derek Acuff on being the events only parlay power player.

The quarter finals was a good one as always. We had Ernie Mendoza who needed to double in the 10th to beat out Jonathan Ferrell for the B division spot. He wasn’t able to do it, but what adds to the storyline is that he finished second bowling a huge +118 on a very difficult condition. Many bowlers would have really upset and frustrated about this, but Ernie was calm, cool and knew that at the end of the day, he bowled pretty darn good. This kind of mental discipline and positivity is what keeps Ernie in the player of the year race. Jonathan would go on to bowl Armando (A Division Champion) and Carlos Vejar (C Division Champion)

The final match set up for the closest to scratch final match we have ever seen. Because of the B division being extremely similar averages (183-189), The final three averages were only 7 pins apart! The final match was a bit of a back and forth….. for about two frames. Carlos who had been doing really well all day, did really well again! He started off with open, open, three bagger, spare, spare, double. This was enough to give him the lead and his first ever SFT AHT title! Congrats to Jonathan Ferrell on 2nd, and Armando Viramontes on 3rd!

See you all at our next event on Oct. 9th at Brunswick Desert Sky! Also check out our tournament partners event out, the ACBA, Sept. 25th at Via Linda. More info for their event at www.bowlacba.com.