AMF Christown Results - 2/21/16


Well, yet again, a new idea from the members seems to be a good one. This was the first standard event we have ever run with only two squads that started at 10am. We didn't know if not having a later squad would really decrease entries, as it may limit when people could find time to come bowl. Surprisingly, we had one of our largest turnouts (per squad) we have seen in quite sometime. The first squad had nearly 50 bowlers on it, and the second squad had a little over 40! I remember when we use to average over 100 entries an event, but that was with SIX qualifying squads over two days of bowling. We are starting to get that many in TWO squads in one day! Can't tell you how awesome it is that our bowling club/family has grown to such a tremendous size and continuous to grow.

The event this weekend drew 87 total entries (51 qualifying and 36 economy parlay), had 23 cashers a 1 in 3.78 cash ratio and paid out over $3,500.00 in main and side event prizes! Not only did we have an increased payout, with the top 3 prizes all being increased, but we also had $500 won in momma's mystery score by Brian Gustafson and Shawn Kearny. The players bowled on a very tough 35ft boardwalk oil pattern. Normally this pattern is fairly easy for a sport pattern. However, bowlers at our events are starting to understand how different the same pattern can play from center to center. At Christown, the gutter hooked so early that it forced most to have to go left to right a little bit on the fresh which was just enough to impact carry and increase the odds of leaving splits.

Another great result were the number of entries in each division. Restructuring the divisions for this season seems to be working really well in helping each division have a similiar number of entries. At this event, the numbers were 15, 18, and 18 in each division. The cut scores in all three division were fairly low with the average insurance cut in each division being +30.

We want to welcome Mike Seabrook Jr., Jeff Row, Riachard Wallace, Juan Villagran Philip Stephens, Mike Gaydos, Donna Villagran, Brandon Trowbridge, Kenneth Davis, Louis Flaim, Chris Norstrom, Tatiyana Trowbridge, Ryan Riley, LaRae Row, Joey Shea and Thomas Edgell to the SFT AHT family! If you told me that we would have 16 new bowlers come out to try out their first standard SFT AHT event 4 years into this, I wouldn't have believed you, but we keep seeing new bowlers at every event! Also congrats to Travis Rairden, Hokey Begay, Matthew Zweig, and Dylan Taylor on being this Sunday's Parlay Power Players! 

After the qualifying and quarter finals were done, we had our semi-finalists determined. We had Mike Morales taking on Richard Wallace for the A division title, Matt Zweig vs Wes Marema for the B division title, and Donna Villagran and Jeff Brackett squaring off in the C division. Jeff Brackett bowled a great game to put the fire out that was Donna who bowled great all day. Wes Marema snuck up to defeat Matt who looked favored, and Mike Morales lost carry to be beat out by Rich Wallace. This mean that all of the #1 seeds lost the match.

The final match was close in an unexciting way. The lanes had gotten fairly tough, and it was about making good shots and covering the spare. Wes Marema was the bowler whow as able to stay clean and put a few strikes together to take the lead and bring home the victory! Congrats to all three finalists! Rich Wallace on 2nd and Jeff Brackett on 3rd! 

We look forward to seeing everyone at AMF Peoria Lanes next Sunday the 28th! It will be another faster event with only two qualifying squads, no re-oil and straight into the quarter finals! See you all there!

Final Match: 

SFT AHT Standard - AMF Christown