First squad each day will still offer economy parlay option. 

AMF Chandler Lanes - 10/11/20

Our event this weekend was at AMF Chandler Lanes and we had great turnout!  We had 101 total entries (77 qualifying and 24 economy parlay), 27 total cashers, and a 1 in 3.7 cash ratio and paid out over $5,600.00 in main and side event prize funds.  Players bowled on the Kegel 42ft Autobahn oil pattern. Most of the players played in the middle of the lane trying to push their ball out past the 2nd arrow and trying to blend out the pattern for higher scores.  This house typically has a lot of friction and we did some higher scoring than the previous tournaments.  Congrats to Eddie Thompson on shooting his very 1st 300 game with his newly drilled Track Proof Pearl.  Since Eddie used a Track bowling ball to shoot his honor score, he will receive a free Track bowling ball of his choice.  Thank you to Track bowling for the continued support and sponsorship of our tournament club.

As always, we want to welcome our first-time bowlers to the SFT AHT family!  Welcome Jadeyn Mabry to our little bowling family!  We hope you all had a good time at your first event and we look forward to seeing you at the next one!  Congrats to Quinten Bell, Jeff Bell, Robert Pellegrino, Norris Richards, Garrett Strehl and Conner Bell on advancing to their first quarterfinals!  Also, congrats to Ernie Mendoza and Eric Flick on advancing to the quarterfinals through the economy parlay!  We almost always have one bowler that advances by winning the parlay and bowling well again.  Your winner of the free Track plastic ball raffle, with an option to upgrade to any Track High Performance ball for $85.00, was Ron McDonald.  Also, congrats to Brandon Bailey for winning Momma’s Mystery Score for $295 with a 195 game.

The quarterfinals, like the rest of the event, was medium to high scoring with the standings tight and being determined by the final game of the quarters.  In the A Division, your #1 seed would be Ernie Mendoza (+136) and he would have to face off against Shawna Strause (+120).  In the B Division, you would see SFT veteran, and #1 seed overall, Ron Gonzales (+150) versus Eric Flick (+84).  The C Division was led by Quinten Bell (+111) and he would face off with Willy Vuong (+93).

In the Semi-Finals, Ernie and Shawna would go back and forth with each one not backing down one bit.  Unfortunately for Ernie a pocket 7-10 in the ninth frame would give Shawna the opening that she needed as she was able to punch out and win, 246 to 203.  The B Division semi-final would see Ron and Eric stay close as they both had the same amount of handicap.  Eric would catch fire in the fifth frame and striking out the rest of the match to win, 278 to 229.  The C Division semi-final would see Willy Vuong struggle with lane transition as Quinten Bell was able to defeat him, 257 to 192.

In the Finals it would look like it was going to be a shootout with all three Division winners posting big games in their semi-final matches.  The favorite to win would have to be Eric Flick, who had been bowling well all day and was looking for his 4th SFT AHT title and the $1,200.00 prize.  Both Shawna and Quinten were both looking for their first titles.

The Final match would start off with Eric and Shawna struggling with carry to start out.  Quinten was uniquely calm for this being his first Finals appearance and he was able to crush the pocket and get lined up very quickly.  Midway through the match and it looked like Shawna and Eric were bowling for 2nd place as Quinten would strike in four of his first five frames.  Eric and Shawna would adjust and trying to string some strikes to try to catch Quinten.  It wouldn’t help as Quinten would go one to punch out for a very impressive 279 scratch game, 319 with handicap, giving him his very 1st SFT AHT title and $1,200.00!!!  Eric and Shawna would finish out the match Eric edging out Shawn, 224 to 214.  Congrats to Eric for 2nd place and also to Shawna for 3rd place.

Thank you to everyone for coming out this weekend and supporting the event.  We are taking next weekend off and look forward to seeing you all in two weeks at AMF McRay for our Standard 3 squad event!  Hope you all enjoy the break and have a great week!