AMF Chandler - 9/29/19

Our event this weekend was at AMF Chandler where we got 81 total entries (53 qualifying and 28 parlay entries). The players bowled on the 41ft Turn Pike oil pattern that had low scoring with it taking +30 as an average to advance to the quarter finals. We even had some interesting things happen with the senior and women's cut, and it dropped all the way to -1, which Jim Montgomery was able to take advantage of. The players played in the middle part of the lane for the a majority of the day and as the middle of the lane got drier, the scores got lower as the players couldn't seem to get far enough left, but if they created too much angle the ball didn't want to recover.

We had some new bowlers join us for their first event this weekend! Juan Rodriguez, Brigido De La Fuente and Antonio De La Fuente all joined us for their first event! We hope you all had a good time this weekend! We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

The quarter finals were low scoring as well. We had Jim Montgomery going from sneaking in the cut at -1 to leading the A division after the quarter finals at +50. He would take on Sean Ashley who was the A division cut at +33. In the B division it would be Vance Varholdt who has been making a return to the events, taking on a veteran in Stacie Huglin. The C division only had 5 quarter finalists, so it only cut to the top bowler. This is sometimes a fan of some of the bowlers, as it makes sure you have to bowl 3 good games to make the finals instead of 1, but then sometimes also like it when there is more people taken to the next round, even though that round isn't the finals. In this case, Ed Lee was the leader at +59 and would be waiting for the other two divisions in the final match.

Vance and Stacie went back and forth at the beginning of the match, but some opens by Stacie inevitably led to Vance taking the lead and holding on to it to move on to his first title match in a few years. In the A division, Jim Montgomery seemed confident, but Sean Ashley is a veteran to the club, and you can never count him out. It was back and forth to start, but a big string of strikes from Sean was enough to take the lead and get well out ahead of Jim to finish with a very nice 250+ game with handicap.

The final match started off with Vance and Ed not really getting anything going. No doubles and a couple open frames with some missed make-able spares. Sean Ashley on the other hand, he was still in the zone. He was playing a deep inside line, lofting the ball a great deal over the fronts helping him create some hold that other people did not have. Sean started off with the front four strikes, but that came a halt fast with a missed single pin spare in the 5th. However, he had built up a pretty good size lead for himself. However, the finish for 2nd and 3rd ended up being exciting with Ed filling his 10th frame to force Vance to strike and he couldn’t.

Thanks to everyone for coming out today! We will see you all at Bowlero Via Linda next Sunday!