AMF Chandler - 8/18/19


Our even this weekend was at AMF Chandler lanes. We had a total of 96 entries with 60 qualifying entries and 36 economy parlay entries. We paid out over $4,000.00 in main and side event prize fund. The players bowled on the PBA Wolf oil pattern that was medium in difficulty as far as scoring pace. It played like a short pattern in the middle of the lane, but the outside part of the lane didn't hook as much as most people would have expected. This is most commonly the cause of older lane lanes where the topography has caused some crowns near the gutter that cause the lane panel to be slightly tilted towards the gutter. This means that the ball is fighting gravity to an extent when it's located to the right of the crowned lane panel. Even with that slight change, the players that scored the best were ones that played the far outside part of the lane, which is typically where someone must play to bowl well on the Wolf pattern.

We had quite a few new bowlers once again who we were happy to have come join us for this event! Let's welcome Bruce Franks, David Dowler, Jason Edwards, Billy Turner, and Venus Bailey to the SFT AHT family! Pretty cool to have so many new bowlers still at every event even though we have been doing it for over 7 years now! We hope all of you had a good time at your first event. We look forward to seeing you again. Congrats to Bruce Franks and Venus Bailey for advancing to the quarterfinals and winning a parlay as new bowlers. It isn't always easy to find success in your first event, but you two were able to do that. Congrats!

The quarterfinals were on a fresh Wolf pattern that had the same kind of scoring that fresh had earlier in the day at 10 am. The players played the lanes pretty much the same and again the players that could get the most comfortable with playing the gutter were the ones that had the most success. In the A Division it took +86 to move on and was #1 seed Jonathan Ferrell vs #2 seed Carlos Vejar. In the B Division it took +43 to advance and was #1 seed Derek Hamm vs #2 seed Hokey Begay. In the C Division it took +10 and was #1 seed Stacie Huglin vs #2 seed Gary Jenkins. 

The A Division match started off the opposite of what you'd expect with Jonathan Ferrell who had the hot hand all day starting off with an open in the 4th and Carlos starting off with a spare and a three bagger. Carlos never looked back putting up a huge 235 game against Jonathan and it was going to require a big game to knock Jonathan out of the event. In the B Division match, it was pretty even to start but a few too many opens for Hokey allowed Derek to get the lead and take home the B Division title. In the C Division it was a game of hot potato with Stacie and Gary both leaving quite a bit of opens and seemingly giving the lead back and forth to each other. Stacie was able to string a few spares at the end to take home the C Division title.

This meant it would be Stacie Huglin vs Derek Hamm vs Carlos Vejar in the Final match. Derek started off very shaky with a split in the 1st and a gutter to start frame 2. However, everyone got started off poorly with them all having opens by the 2nd frame.  It was appearing that everyone was having a little bit of nerves to start.  Carlos ended up getting out to a pretty good lead and was able to maintain it as Derek and Stacie battled for 2nd place.  A big open in the 9th from Derek missing the 10-pin allowed Stacie to take home 2nd and Derek finished in 3rd place.  Carlos would finish the match for the win giving him his 3rd AHT SFT title and the $900.00 first place prize!

Thanks to everyone for coming out!  We look forward to seeing everyone at Bowlero Avondale next Sunday!