AMF Chandler - 8/13/17


Our Track Match Play Challenge event had a total of 47 entries today and paid out over $1,300.00 in main and side event prize fund! The players bowled on a 47ft Paris oil pattern that hooked a lot due to the lane surface at this bowling center. The players had to play the middle of the lane like most long patterns, but it was because anything outside of that would overreact by quite a bit. The scoring was medium to high all day long with cashing numbers normally averaging around +80.

There were a number of players going after the daily totals incentives. Derek Hamm and Zach Beckett had the lead going into the final squad and both were able to keep their lead after the final squad and be the top two finishers, with Derek being the tournament champion. The squad champions were Zach Beckett scoring 15 points and a series of 710 in the first squad, Derek Hamm scoring 15 points and a series of 751 in the second squad, and Dave Oliver scoring 15 points and a series of 768 in the 3rd squad. It was one of those patterns that if you figured out where you needed to play, you could strike quite a bit. We had a few players take a shot at perfect 300 games, but none were able to close them out!

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the event! Our next event is at Brunswick Zone Mesa next Sunday for our final Standard event of August! See you all there!