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AMF McRay Results - 4/1/2012

Our last event had another great turnout with 83 entries! We had a total of 22 cashers which ends up at a 1 in 3.77 cash ratio! WOW! Large first place prizes are great, but it really helps when the cut ratio allows for more bowlers to make the finals. We had multiple bowlers that really benefited from our divisional insurance and the optional senior and woman division. Tom Large with +30 and Ron Badger with +69 both made the cut as the high seniors. Roger Sensing, Hokey Begay, Jason Reick, and Lynn Arthur all made the cut with divisional insurance. The participants bowled on the Kegel Broadway pattern.The scores were fairly high for this event, most cuts were taking +80 to +100.

AMF Tempe Village Results - 3/25/2012

Greetings Strike Force Family! Our last event was at AMF Tempe Village lanes on March 24th and March 25th. There were a lot of great experiences to cap off our first event. Joan Elam, in the “B” division, bowled her first 200 game of the year while bowling +131 over to lead her division. Clay Fritz and Kris Maglunog had chances at a perfect 300 game but fell short. Some long standing Strike Force family members like Oscar Garcia, Jerry Graber, Ben Dewberry, Bill Held, Steve Hamlett, Brian Roever, Brandon Gilbert, and Bo Copeland came out to show their support. We had new members, Tina Niles, Hokey Begay, Daniel Scott, and Ron Gonzales cashing in their first SFT tournament. To top it all off, long time SFT family member Lynn Arthur took home the first place prize and did it in fashion by bowling a nice 293 game.