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Glenfair Lanes Results - 12/2/2012

This weekend was another fun one! We had some unforeseen circumstances arise and forced us to change the location of the event last minute. This didn’t hurt our turn out too much as we had 56 total entries, 18 cashers, a 1 in 3.1 cash ratio and paid out over $2,600.00 in our main tournament prize fund. Our side events created another 17 entries in the sweeper and when combined with our high game pots paid out another $436.00! As always, even with a quick location change, I want to thank everyone for spreading the word and still getting a decent turn out under the circumstances.

Union Hills Results - 11/25/2012

Wow! What an incredible week and weekend of events. We had two events this weekend for the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. One was the 40 frame tournament and the other was our traditional format. There were so many story lines that it would be too much for one page to summarize both events, so if you want to read about the 40 frame event results you can click here. The events as a total drew 137 entries; we had 91 in our standard event and 46 entries in the 40 frame event. The two events combined paid out over $6,300.00! The standard event paid out $3,840.00 in the main event and 24 entries in the sweeper combined with high game pots paid out another $681.00. We want to thank the SFT AHT family for coming out and making this another incredible weekend! We had over 70 different members come out this weekend for all of our events! The family is definitely getting big!

Union Hills Results - 11/23/2012

Well we had an incredibly fun event on Friday night. We had our first ever 40 frame game tournament. This was our 2nd event in the “Fun Force Format” series, and was probably the most fun so far. A lot of the bowlers had a blast going from frame to frame, seeing what was in store for them next. The bowlers bowled on a 39ft modified house pattern which would be the same pattern used for the weekend tournament as well. A lot of bowlers used this fun format as a way to get an idea of how to play the lanes on the weekend. The pattern really allowed bowlers of all styles to compete and didn't really have very many high scores.

AMF Squaw Peak Results - 11/17/2012

We had another great event this weekend at AMF Squaw Peak Lanes. In the main event we had 68 entries, 19 cashers, a 1 in 3.5 cash ratio, and over $2,800.00 paid out. In our side events, we had another 31 sweeper entries, and when combined with our high game pots, the side events paid out another $755.00. We are slowly coming to a close to this season with only a handful of events left. I want to take this time to thank the members that have gotten us where we are now. Not only have you allowed us to remain consistent with the same format and initial guarantees, but you have helped us to expand even further! We started off with only 1st being guaranteed, and because of you, we now offer guaranteed 2nd place amounts, guaranteed side pots and our season point race was able to expand from 3 spots to 27! This season has been great, and I think we are all excited to see how it will end, and what the 2013 season has in store.

AMF Desert Hills Results - 11/4/2012

Well we had a great turn out again at AMF Desert Hills with 70 entries, 22 cashers, 1 in 3 cash ratio, and almost $3,000.00 paid out in our main event. We had another 21 entries in our sweeper and when combined with high game pots, they paid out another $594.00. This event was bowled on a 42ft modified house shot that seemed to be very playable, but it wasn’t wide open. Both days had cuts of around 100 over with some scores that were REALLY HIGH. It was clear that there was some room to play with on the lanes for all styles, but you still had to execute to knock down all 10 pins. We even had someone who almost took advantage of the new Track incentive, of winning a Free Track ball by bowling an honor score. Ben Dewberry had the front 7 strikes with his 505A but a split later on cut him short of a free bowling ball!

Tri City Results - 10/28/2012

Well one weekend gone and another successful SFT AHT event in the record books. We had another event in a very remote part of the valley but the SFT family and new members still came out to support each other. We had a total of 64 entries, 21 cashers, a 1 in 3 cash ratio, and paid out almost $3,000 in our main AHT event. Our side action in the AHT event drew another 28 entries in the sweeper and when combined with the high game pots paid out another $632! This weekend also had an AST (Scratch) event and that event drew 23 entries and paid out over $1,000.00 - more info for that by clicking here. As always, I want to thank the SFT family and it’s new members for coming out to support us and each other. You are the reason the SFT is growing at such an incredible pace!

AMF Mesa Results - 10/14/2012

This weekend featured our first ever “Fun Force Format” which was criss cross doubles and also offered double points! The event had a sensational turn out for our first doubles event. There was a total of 64 teams, 16 cashing teams and over $2,000.00 paid out in the main tournament. There was an additional 9 entries in the individual sweeper and combined with the individual high game pots, and brackets paid out another $381.00. I can’t tell you how much this blew our expectations out of the water for this event. We normally do a good job with starting on time, but we actually ran a little behind because of the huge turn out! I want to thank all of the SFT family for coming out and enjoying this event together, as well as all of the new members that also joined us for this event. The event drew 13 new members which I would like to welcome to the ever expanding SFT family.

Mesa East Results - 10/7/2012

Well, you would think that going to one of the furthest locations from the center of the valley would deter bowlers from making the drive and competing. Not the SFT FAMILY! We had another great turn out with 86 entries, 22 cashers, a 1 in 3.9 cash ratio and paid out over $3,000.00 in our main tournament. Then our side action had another 20 sweeper entries and with high game pots paid out another $594.00. I want to thank all of the members for wanting to come out and compete with each other no matter where we are. Also, thanks to the local bowlers in the East Mesa area that came out and joined the family for the first time. Thanks to all of you!

AMF Christown Results - 9/30/2012

Well we had another great event this weekend at AMF Christown Lanes. I can’t tell you how great this center is for tournaments. I really love the lay out and how the spectators are above the players. It is one of our favorite centers in the valley and has A LOT of tournament history in it. The main event drew 86 total entries, had 23 prize winners, a 1 in 3.7 cash ratio and paid out over $3,300.00! The side events had 32 sweeper entries, and paid out over $700. The high game pot squad is really starting to grow! This event the Sunday 1pm squad drew 34 total bowlers! Congrats to Hokey Begay, Dylan Taylor and Ben Dewberry on winning $100 each for their $10 investment! Our next event at Mesa East will also have $100 per game side pots on Sunday at 1pm.

AMF McRay Results - 9/16/2012

Well another great event at AMF McRay Plaza Lanes. We had 82 entries, 24 prize winners, a 1 in 3.4 cash ratio and paid out nearly $3,000 in the main tournament prize fund. We had another 21 entries in the sweeper and paid out an additional $600.00 in side action. The bowlers bowled on the Kegel Middle Road oil pattern. The pattern seemed to start off a little touchy but playable, but definitely opened up as the day went on. The pattern yielded higher cut scores then usual and allowed for a variety of styles to compete.

We did have quite a few bowlers’ cash for the first time in this event, it’s not easy, so I want to give them a quick congrats. Mark Myers, Randy Reis, Robert Lewis, Lynn Heide, and Anthony Dang congrats on your first quarter finals appearance. However, this was the first event for Mark, Lynn, Robert, and Anthony, which makes their quarter finals appearance even that much more impressive. Congrats to all of you on your success this weekend.