2017 Rule Changes & Additions

2017 Season Changes & Additions


Old Rule - Handicap was based on 90% of 215.
New Rule - Handicap will be based on 80% of 210.

Reason - Last year's average cut scores were very lopsided and the amount of division wins was also lopsided. The tournament wins by division in 2016 were as follows: A:5, B:7, C:11.

Old Rule - Division breakdown was A 190 and above, B 176-189 and C 175 and Below.

New Rule - Division breakdown will be A 185 and above, B 171 - 184, C 170 and below.

Reason - The number of entries per division was also very lopsided last season, and this was to try and get the entries to be more event through all divisions, to help with the redivisioning for quarterfinals.

Format/Schedule Changes

1. Fun events will now count towards points and averages, but will also only be singles events. The amount won in main prizefund is what will count for points, just like a normal event. Since the entry fees are lower for fun events, the prizefunds will be smaller and less influential on the season points races, but they will still play a role in determining the winners and losers.